fredag den 23. marts 2012

Croquis, Gesture drawing and body study

Here im gonna post my croquis drawings
from oldes to newest

Teather: Iben Lindebjerg
enjoy ^w^

The first Croquis drawings i have ever made. Drawed with charcoal. I do not like drawing with charcoal, it´s too noisy x´D some of them are 30 seconds, other are 2 minutes.

moste of them are 2 minutes drawings, but two of them are my first 15 minutes croquis drawings.
Soooo this is some more 2 minutes croquis but this time its done with pastel, i like drawing with pastel x3 so epic ti draw with xD
2 minutes with pastel

Gesture drawing ( its when you draw people who act something)

This is a gesture drawing of a pilot, (acturly it was a woman who played a manly pilot) who chrased on an island and he luckly got saved again. And theres a drawing of a random dragon
This wa about a girl walking around in rain. Acturly there wasent so much history in this one
It was acturly very fun to draw them, i hope we should do it more in the future x3

 Sooo we got this task that we should try coloring them, but not just in the lines but also out from the lines. I failed alot x´D non of them are that got anyway TwT

object drawing

This is a 2 hour study drawing of a Skull, we should study skulls to lern how a skull is and stuf like that. Its acturly very hard to draw a anatomic correct skull. D:  
Sooo this was a establishment of some random things. Cant remember how long it took to draw it.

Body study / long-term study

oldes fisrt (left) then it gets newer (right) then back to left and so on

This is my frist long body study and yes they are very bad and i have improved alot since that time.

2 hours 2-8-11 and 3 hours 3-11-11
Cant remember when and how long these to took D:
3 hours and 2 hours
3 hours  27-3-12 and 2 hours 28-3-12

 2,5 hours 29-3-12

self prtrail x´D

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